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Oli Alexander

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Filmmaker, Photographer, & Teacher



After years of solo-teaching around the world, I founded the itinerant SHOOOT IT School of Photography & Documentary Filmmaking in 2015. I offer short and mid-term courses for people who want to delve deep into these arts, and special custom programs for those who are becoming professionals.



I’m specialised in documentary photography, which covers most types of shoots that aren’t staged. I entered the professional photographic market in 2012 and since then have produced many commercial and authorial works. My recent series, entitled ‘Work In Movement’ can be found under the ‘Works’ tab on the menu above.



For the past 5 years I have produced a large amount of authorial documentary films as well as commercial video works. I’ve been commissioned by big brands, such as Nissan and Endeavor, celebrities, such as Andrei Kirilenko, and small companies seeking an inconspicuous, professional, and talented filmmaker. Some of my works can be found under the ‘Works’ tab in the menu above.

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Photography & Videography Courses


A deep dive into the world of photography, where each student learns all the necessary tools to become a great photographer, imbues oneself in the spectacular world of photographic art, meets dozens of like-minded people that share this fascinating hobby, and, each day, gets closer to producing true works of art.

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The art of visual storytelling. From the mastery of all of its creative tools to the creation of incredible projects. With a focus on documentary-style cinematography, the courses englobe a fascinating passage through the works of dozens of contemporary artists, foster connections with people embarked in this same adventure, and, through a very hands-on approach, teaches you all the necessary aspects of shooting, natural lighting, audio capture, editing, storytelling, color correcting, color grading, and much much more. It's a fascinating adventure, and definitely a craft for life.

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Commercial Programs

I offer custom-made programs for companies that have a high demand for audio-visual content and individuals that are entering the professional market. I'm specialised in creating low-cost and self-sufficient in-house teams capable of producing most or all of your company's content demands. Also, for individuals who are entering the professional photography or videography industry, I offer private programs designed specifically for you and your needs.

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