Commercial Work

Commercial Background

I’ve been professionally producing photo & videographic work for over 5 years. Throughout these years I did a great amount of freelance work, and in 2013 I opened a video production agency in São Paulo, Brazil. In January 2015 I founded an itinerant photography and filmmaking school and have offered programs in São Paulo (BR), New York (USA), New Orleans (USA), and Paris (FR).

Nissan's 2016 Olympics Campaign

Throughout the years I’ve produced photo & videographic work for many companies. The latest campaign I’ve been imbued in was with Nissan, directing and shooting short docs for 1 month in an expedition through Brazil for their 2016 Olympics campaign. Below you can watch a few of the docs that have already been published.

The Present & The Future

I am specialised in documentary photo & videography work, and have worked with large crews as well as done many one-man-jobs. I’m able to produce, direct, shoot, take audio, edit, color correct, and grade most documentary projects. As of 2016 I’ve been based in New Orleans, USA, but continue to take projects around the globe.

Nissan | Rio 2016 | Rota da Tocha – Um show de bola

Nissan | Rio 2016 | Rota da Tocha – Um roqueiro cuiabano

Nissan | Rio 2016 | Rota da Tocha – Tambor de um só coração

Nissan | Rio 2016 | Rota da Tocha – Projeto de vida