Quick One-Man-Jobs


Coming from a documentary filmmaking background, I became proficient in one-man-jobs where I produce, direct, shoot, capture audio, edit, image correct & grade, and ship. These quick jobs are intense and very fun and I love doing them.

The Jobs

Below you can view a few of these videos. Most of the ‘one-man-job’ work that I’ve done is private to the commissioners, so I’m unable to publish them here. In any case, the material below has all been shot with small camera and audio systems and usually filmed in only one session.

The Delivery

These jobs usually result in short doc-styled videos that can be used for social-media, showcasing a company or product, or in situations where the content-creator has to be as inconspicuous as possible. These works can fit tight deadlines too, permitting a production to delivery workflow of 48-hours (depending on the project).

Cia. Orgânica Café - Institutional Video

Jazz Age Lawn Party

New York 2014 Fashion Week Flash